Firebase and SQL data in the same table

Hi everyone!

I am trying to create a users table where I should display users data from postgres SQL and also their emails from firebase. I was trying to use Query JSON with SQL but the problem is that I can get only 1000 first users from firebase. So, it seems Query JSON with SQL isn't solution for my particular case. I also wrote a JS script, which gets all firebase users. But the problem that this JS script is triggering on some actions(clicks, etc). But I want to get all firebase users when I open the app and not only when I clicked somewhere.
How can I solve my problem?
P.S. I am running retool locally, and it seems I can't use workflows.

Hey @Ekaterina_Klementeva!

Would something like this work to get all your firebase users?

Once you get all the users, then you should be able to use the Query JSON with SQL as a solution.

Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

Hi @victoria Thank you! But I already saw it and it seems doesn't work for my particular case

Hmm, okay! When you open your app, you can have queries run on app load. I assume you're doing this, but it still doesn't support your use case? And FWIW, Workflows will be launching on self-hosted Retool sometime in the nearish future (no set dates yet though) :slight_smile:

Hi @victoria Thank you! I already solved the problem. I just thought that it's not possible run JS scripts when app is opened. It was my mistake.

Oh, amazing! So glad to hear it :blush: