Filtering data from a table from GoogleSheets

Hey all,

I'm struggling with the transformers part.
I'm getting a table from one Googlesheet with this query {{ }}

And I want to keep in this query only the row where the column "Encours" equal "x".

I tried this function in the transformer bloc
let data = {{}}.filter(row => row.Encours.includes("x")) return data

But it doesn't filter anymore.
What do I miss?
Thanks a lot.

Hey Pierrick!
Welcome to the forum :-).
Are you applying the transformer directly in your Google Sheets resource query (best idea), or in a separate transformer?


Hey Jonathan,

Thanks, yes I'm doing it directly in the query.

Hey there!

Would you mind sharing an example of the data being returned by your Google Sheet resource from your debug panel?

If you're looking for rows where "Encours" is equal to "x" you might want to do something like row => row.Encours == "x" instead of row => row.Encours.includes("x").

Hey Kabirdas,
Thanks to you, I discovered this debug panel! That's so useful.

BTW, I've just found a solution to my issue, even if I don't know what was the initial issue :slight_smile:

I've switched the format to a boolean. And I'm using the hidden condition in the Select to show only when boolean = true.
And it works perfectly :slight_smile: