Filter datetime not working properly

I am trying to filter my google sheets data in a query and I am really banging my head here, as I can't find a way to properly filter my datetime fields.
I have a regular date filter that works perfectly so it's really about datetime.

In my case I want to retrieve entries between 2 time slots. After noticing I was getting wrong results, I stripped the formula down to 1 criteria and the issue shows already.
I have a datetime field in a form, that writes the data in my Google sheet. The data is written, then displayed completely correctly. However, I am not able to filter the table with this formula:

select * from {{}} where Startdatum >= {{ moment(Enddatum_input.value).format('YYYY-MM-DD h:mm a') }}

The formula will retrieve items that are before my input field date. I tried so many things and searched through the forum, but I am now stuck.

I really like Retool a lot so far. This is my first use case and if this goes well, I will consider working a lot more with Retool in the future :slight_smile:

Hey @Oggy!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of {{ }} or posting a copy of part of it here? It might help to see exactly what the data in your Startdatum column looks like when it comes back from sheets.

Hi Kabirdas, thanks for your reply!
Here is what the date looks like. I tried with two different format:

  • Enddatum: "4/21/2023 0:16:55" (raw from the sheet query)
  • Enddatum2: "2023-04-21 12:16 am" (transformed via moment)

:thinking: can you try using one of the following two snippets?

DATE(Startdatum) >= {{ moment(Enddatum_input.value) }}
DATE(Startdatum) >= {{ new Date(Enddatum_input.value) }}

Hi @Kabirdas,
The first snippet did it for me, now it works perfectly!

Thanks a lot!