Date Query

Hey guys.
I'm new to retool (and SQL) so this question might be really basic.
I'm trying to query by date using a date picker with this query
select * from {{}} where date = {{datetimepicker1.value}} order by date .
( I have also tried with date > {{datetimepicker1.value}} )
My data has entries for the date I'm selecting but no rows are found

Make sure you’re formatting the data to the date format your RMDB expects.
For postgres, I’ll either {{moment(datetimepicker1.value).format(‘YYYY-MM-DD’)}} or {{datetimepicker1.value}}::date. You can also format it in the datetime picker component by passing the right string, i.e. Component -> Basic -> Format string -> ‘YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss’ or other.
Edit: I see you’re querying from the result-set of another query. What’s the date format for the value?

GREAT Torin, I got the query working for the date format, now I am stuck adding an additional search criteria.
Thanks in advance

What’s the trouble you’re having with the search condition? I’ve been cutting my teeth on building robust, multi-variable searches for my own project so maybe I can help. Is the problem, from the above screenshot, that your query is returning the Sept. 23 rows as well?

Sorry, the screenshot wasn’t fresh, the query is giving no results

Moment.format returns a string. What is the data type it’s being evaluated against? Also care about the operator spacing.