File Drop Zone - Wont work in list

Ive been messing around with adding a file upload to my CRM events app. I have a list containing event data, which have buttons for adding new events, editing, deleting. Everything else works great, but im trying to add a filedrop zone to a modal button that is rendered in the list so as you click the "Add Images" modal button the modal shows up, and has the file drop zone in it. But there seems to be an issue with doing drop zones inside a list cause when i try to select a file, or multiple files it doesnt show the file name with the little x on the drop zone. If i take it out of the list on the main page it does show the file name with the x. Ive tried everything such as messing around with the form data key, etc but no luck after 2 hours of trying.

At this point i think this is a bug with the component itself. Let me know if anyone else seems to have been able to do something like this, would love some feedback or for this to get fixed as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Hi @milesrae4 You're correct. This is a bug :disappointed: I will post here when we ship a fix

@milesrae4 This bug should be fixed! Let us know if you run into any further issues

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Thank you so much Tess. I will try it out soon and let you know if i run into any problems :slight_smile: