File Button > File Upload No Longer Works

The new file button provides the file as base64 data, which does not work when trying to upload to a rest endpoint via Form Data and selecting "file" for the body value type.

Your documentation still references the old file picker component that provides the correct file data object.


The workaround seems to be to merge the value and files properties when using the new file upload/dropzone.

Assuming your file upload component is called "fileUpload", create a new transformer:

return {
  data: {{fileUpload.value[0]}},

Really, the files array should include the data property to make this just work out of the box.


This is in the queue to be fixed!

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thanks for the tips, fixed my issue

Thank you!!!!

Where/how can I create a new transformer? I am new to Retool and have been on/off talking to support for almost a week and still not going anywhere.

Hey jmc, you can create a new JS transformer in the query editor at the bottom of the page. In the same dropdown you would use to create any query type.

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