Field name missing

Hello! I have a REST API built with NestJS, I want to upload an image to this API where I'm using multer to process files. The problem here is when I send the image to the API, it throws an error with the message Field name missing.

I think that is because the file is being sent as base64 but I can't find a way to convert that file to a Multer.Express.File object.

I will be really grateful if there is someone that can help me with this.

Hey @malfaro.cubo291!

I'm not familiar with Multer so definitely curious what others have to say on this as well. Would you mind posting how you have it set up in your API and in Retool? Doing some testing, it looks as though a solution like this might allow you to process base64 data specifically by passing it to a text field in the form upload but I'm wondering exactly what your needs are here.

I also had this issue, and fell down a rabbit hole thinking the problem was with the File field. It's much simpler: remove all empty fields from the body.

That empty field at the bottom? It's going to be sent to your API. Get rid of it.

Here is the working content for the file field:

{{ {...csvUpload.files[0], "data":csvUpload.value[0] } }}