Failing to upload same file twice in a row

While using the file button component I am experiencing issues with uploading a file with the same name twice.

The process is as follows:

  • I upload a file using the file button
  • I modify the file on my system and try to upload it again to see the changes I made on the file
  • No new file is uploaded to the file button and content doesnt change

I also tried this:

  • Upload a file using the file button
  • Clear the values of the component by calling clearValue()
  • Upload the same file again, nothing get uploaded and the values and file remain empty.

This issue seems to be on Chrome and edge but not on Firefox.
I didnt have the issue with the old upload button.

Any help with resolving this or finding a good workaround so that this works on Chrome would be much appreciated.

Hi @innocentius! I believe this is the default behavior for Chrome :thinking:

I noticed that drag & dropping the file seems to override this behavior. Would that work for you?

You could also still use the old button if that works for you! You just have to have this toggled on in Settings->Beta