Failed to fetch error popping up


I just ran into an issue while querying BigQuery.

All of my queries were running fine. But from last few days, I'm getting this error. This particular query works fine. But most of the times it shows this error Failed to fetch. When I execute this query again and again it works eventually.


Can't understand what's the problem. It seems a problem from retool side as my query works well but it shows Failed to fetch

Hey @flintrider! :slight_smile: :wave:

How odd. The fact that it's intermittent is strange. Means it's likely not a permissions error or syntax error. Do you know if you're hitting any rate limits by any chance?

Do you see any errors associated with that query in the network tab of your browser's dev tools? Or in the console?

A screenshot of your query would also be helpful!

I don't think we have any rate limit, we can query as much as we can from BQ.

This is the query which we're using.

This query works fine. But sometimes it shows Failed to fetch, not sometimes but most of the times.

Hi again @flintrider! Just wanted to check back in here with some questions to pass back to eng.

  • How often do you run this query?
  • How much data do you return from this query?
  • Do you notice the errors are the same rate every day?

Thank you! :slight_smile: