Exporting to csv issue

Hi, Im exporting data from a jSON form to csv. The file exports to UTF-8 with BOM which is not supported by our system. How do I ensure it gets exported as UTF-8 since this is what our system supports

Check out

Thanks for the response

utils.exportData([jsonSchemaForm1.data],"usersData"); this give me the correct data in the file but still UTF-8 with BOM

utils.downloadFile([jsonSchemaForm1.data],"test","csv") this is plain UTF-8 which is the correct encoding but no data in the csv. It outputs [object Object]

Perhaps try

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Hi there! It looks like this is a feature request since we don't' have great support for downloading files in UTF-8 without BOM :disappointed:. We are tracking requests for this use case and hopefully we can ship better support here in the future!