Export table "as displayed"

Is there any way to export a table's data as it is displayed in the table? Same columns included, in the same order, ideally with the same column names and mappings if possible.

Thank you!

Hey @byron!

Great question, short answer here is not natively at the moment. You can use a JS transformer rather than the built-in column mappers to customize your table data before you pass it to your table component and export the data from there. Do you think this something like this could work for your use case here?

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Thanks Chris for the reply. I feel like the default behavior of the download button should be "download what i see in the table". Perhaps you can discuss it with the rest of the product team?

To answer your question, it's far from ideal to have to transform my own data. Putting it in the right order, selecting which columns to show, and applying the mappings all a second time would be...pretty painful.

If you don't want to break any existing functionality, a separate table property for "displayData" would be just as good.

Thanks a lot!

Hey @byron — I definitely agree, this makes a lot of sense and would be a great feature. We currently have a team working on reworking existing components and will make sure to pass this along in an internal feature request to the team working on a table rework so hopefully we will be able to do this natively in the future!

Hi @Chris-Thompson and @byron, isn't there a property called displayedData in table components?

I've been using it since last week. The only thing I know not included in this property is the custom column hence I have this transformer in my export event:

Is this what you are looking for @byron ?

For me that property does not match the show/hide settings nor the ordering of what I see in my table. Thanks for the suggestion though,