Event handers for mapped options (not manual)

Hi ReToolers

I am trying to set form values based on the selection of a mapped option of a different input i.e. I want selectInputA in mapped mode to use a query, and based on the selection set that value of other disabled input fields in the form.

I found this section in the docs Define option lists | Retool Docs. Despite the 'Event handlers for mapped options' header, these instructions cover manual options, not mapped options.

Attempting to add an onChange event to set the other inputs has the issue that the select mapped item is not available as the Value of the input component i.e. {{ item }} is not available in that scope.

Here's a screen shot highlighting what I'm trying to do:

In the above case I want to set chip_type_input as item.chip_type, but item is not in scope in the event Value input field.

Any advice on approach or docs pointers would be much appreciated.



even though error hint but it still works right ? it maybe lint error

Hi @nathanJohnson,

I don't think item will be defined here :disappointed:, but you could use the {{self.value}} to get the UUID of the item selected:

Is the chip UUID associated with a specific chip type?