European hosting for managed retool to reduce latency

Our users are based in Denmark, our resources hosted either in Denmark or Germany.

This means we have terrible latency as each query needs to go:

User > Retool (US West) ~100ms
Retool > Database (Germany Datacenter) ~75ms
Database > Retool ~75ms
Retool > User ~100ms

So we have around 350ms of round trip latency overhead for a single query before accounting for the time Retool and the database take to process the request.
Chain multiple requests to various APIs and the end user can quickly see 2-3 seconds of lag.

If Retool was available in more locations this would be a big benefit.


@Kabirdas Are there any updates on when we can choose an EU region for cloud retool? I seem to remember seeing a post saying end of last year but can't find it again. Currently we have to get clients to self host purely because apps hosted in the US are too slow in the UK.

Hi @DavidS and @frank ! I'm Snir -- I lead engineering here.

We're actively working on expanding Retool to run reliably multi-region, and we'll be auto-routing traffic once that lands, which should meaningfully improve latencies! It's a fairly large project that we're currently underway on, but I'm happy to circle back as we get closer!

Totally hear you on the problem, and am excited to land this for you and everyone else here.

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That’s great to hear work is underway!

What's the status of this effort?

Hey @fmalotaux! The dev team is looking to roll out the improvements Snir mentioned over the next few months :slightly_smiling_face: As they do that it would be helpful if some more folks could help test the new infrastructure and report back any improvements or issues that they run into. If you’re interested in doing so let me know!

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Hello @Kabirdas ,

I would also be interested in improvements using Retool on Cloud in Europe. I could test if necesary.

Hi @Kabirdas, you can count me in as an eager beta tester here too

Hi @Kabirdas,

Yes we are definitely interested. We are based in Amsterdam and Utrecht in The Netherlands. We are currently migrating a number of our internal tools to Retool and we would really benefit from an European-based Retool backend. Happy to help!

Thanks a lot,

Awesome! Thank you all for volunteering :slightly_smiling_face:

I've passed your names along to the dev team and they'll be reaching out when they're ready to start testing.

@Kabirdas add us too, please.