Error with sandbox evaluation on Firestore raw mode query for on-premise

I have a query to Firestore in RAW mode, but I get “Error with sandbox evaluation”. Any ideas why? Thanks!

Hi @janni!

Were you able to successfully run the query in GUI mode? Could you also provide a screenshot of the query you're trying to run in raw mode?

Hi Eugene
Yes all queries work fine in GUI mode. I want to use RAW mode to solve the know issue with the Firestore timestamps (saved as strings). I tried different queries in RAW mode. Here an example of one run using the example.

Can you send a screenshot of the full query in raw mode? It would be great to see how you're inserting the data into firebase.

If you could also send a screenshot of the functional query in GUI mode, it would be great to help reproduce the error!

Here the full RAW query which results in the error. We are on self-hosted (3.28.3). There is not a specific query in GUI mode I just want to get started using RAW mode since there is the known issue with Firstore timestamp to string conversions in GUI mode in general.