Error invalid array length on query response with list which contains only one item

I use retool self-hosted version. (3.6.5)
I have a problem with some query.
When my API return an array with only one result, I have an error :
getSpaceListApi failed (0.624s):invalid array length
respnse is empty.
But when I clic on Preview button, I can see result of my query (without error)

Returned Data :
"list": [
"id": 34,
"name": "Tour",
"pagination": {
"hasPrev": false,
"hasNext": false,
"totalRows": 1,
"totalPages": 1

When my query return many data, I haven't any error
With a query which return an object, if I try to create an array with this element in query transformer (return [data]; ) I have same error.
I think query response doesn't like array with only one item.


Welcome to the forum!
I don't think you need the transformer but if you do:
return formatDataAsArray(data)

Thx for your answer.
It doesn't solve my issue, but I found my problem. I used array length/2 (from query) in "Number of item" field value. I change that and I don't have issue.