Error building a query for Google Sheets

I am getting an error when it try to create a query for a specific tab in my Google sheet. I am able to connect and create a query for several tabs in my Sheet, but I have an identical tab which different data that does not run, i get a error message:

error:"limit must be a number"

Every setting on this query matches the one that is working on a different tab in this Sheet.

Hi @emart53, you mentioned you have an identical tab with different data. Are you able to confirm that you have selected the correct tab/page and column from the GSheet that you're working with? If you're able to, sharing a screenshot of your query and the format of your GSheet can also help us understand what you're working with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Kenny,

I finally figured out where the issue/difference was between the two queries. I am finding I have to use the "use limit and offset" option when I am calling a specific google sheet. I was trying to call the sheet name, but got the error message. As soon as I switched to the specific data range, the query worked fine.

Hooray :tada:! Happy to hear you figured it out! :slightly_smiling_face: