Environment not accessible from Resource input fields

Hey all,

I've got this issue with environment/configuration variables within Resource Authentication where it is not accessible from the url field for an API request.


Works fine from other fields on the resource.

Noticed a different set of available auto-complete too.

Self hosted, backend: 3.20.6

It's accessible on all other fields for all other types of authentication steps, except for API Request url.

I am using custom auth to define API a resource. I have defined a variable prior to API request step and I am not able to reference variable as part of the API URL.

Hey there @rixlayer ~ in testing this on our end, this appears to be a bug with the linter in the UI. Despite the undefined error, we're able to get the API request to still go through. Do you get the same behavior on your end, or does the request fail?

Hey @shawntax, thanks for looking into this.

I was getting the following error:

I've instead put the whole URL into a separate config var, and it goes through. Which, I guess, is an acceptable workaround.

@rixlayer thanks for the note! This is still a regression we plan on fixing, but good to know there is a workable solution in the meantime.

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