Empty Select.value returning empty string rather than null despite being fed a null default value

I just noticed (because it just caused me a problem) that my empty select.value is "" rather than null.

It is in a form and I am setting the Initial data on the form using an object and the source prop for the select is null. But the select's value is still an empty string.

This is a truncated version of what I am passing to the form:

	"task_id": 575,
	"job_id": 372,
	"contractor_id": null,
	"task_status_id": 3,
	"client_invoice_status_id": 1,
	"ic_bill_status_id": 1

Here is the Select with the properties of interest:

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Hey @bradlymathews!

I'm trying to reproduce the behavior here but haven't had any luck yet. Where are you inspecting select.value? Could you possibly post the settings for your form as well as the ones for your select?

A last question - is this a newly created component?