Empty default value for Number Input not working

I have a number input with an empty default value on a form I am using for entering a new record. The component still insists on showing 0 or 0.00 (depending on the Format) This means that if the user clicks into the component, they have to first clear the existing 0 value before entering the new one which is an annoying UX.

If the default value is null so should the value. I am instead using a normal text input right now to avoid this and speed up data entry.

Did you select "allow null value"?
Screen Shot 2022-01-10 at 8.33.05 AM


Why is there no Allow null value option for text input fields? I searched everywhere and cannot find out how to do this

Hey @Ashton_Teng!

This option is present on number inputs specifically to allow null instead of 0 as Bradly mentioned, text inputs will default to "" instead of null. You can try passing {{ textInput1.value || null }} wherever you need to reference it but I'm curious to hear more about your use case!

Was this option removed from the Number Input?
I no longer see the Allow null value option, and I would really like to use it.

Aha, found it. It got moved to Validation rules

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