Effect of deleting a resource (mongodb) and remaking it

Hi all,

I am experiencing trouble with a Mongodb resource which worked completely fine until yesterday. My mongodb database has 12,000 documents but the find query only returns 330 documents with outdated values.

I have no clue how this can happen, since I have changed nothing in the application. As a final resort, I want to delete the resource and then set it up again, but I am not sure how this would effect the application.

Does somebody have experience with this?

Thank you!

@Sergi Try creating another resource and then select that new resource for that query as a test first...

@ScottR, it did not work unfortunately. I created this issue this afternoon as well:

Hi all,

I am trying to query a mongodb database, which I was able to do without problems for almost a year now. Since past Thursday, the connection does not work properly anymore.

There are 12,000 documents in the database, but the find query only returns 330 documents (the query params are empty, such that it should return all documents).

Also, I use the connection string format below to connect to the database:

Does anybody how this is possible?

Thanks a lot,


Hey there @Sergi!

This is certainly odd behavior. For some additional context here, how are other queries behaving against this resource? Also, do you have any connections to your MongoDB instance outside of Retool, and are those still behaving properly?