Edit Toolscript directly

It looks like I can export to Toolscript, then edit that, then import it, but I'd prefer a workflow where I edit the Toolscript and on save (or commit) I see the changes reflected in my apps.

Is this possible?

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Hey @erusev, this isn't currently possible. I'm speaking with the team about whether this will eventually be available, and can update this post when we have any additional information.

@joeBumbaca I'm also very interested in this functionality. But I also want the ability to export and import toolscript programmatically. My use case is the ability to make custom scripts that export->edit toolscript-> import in order to automate many things in the App IDE. Obviously an API for the App IDE would be the most elegant way to do this, but that feels much further off or much more difficult for the dev team than this ask.

I've tried to do this with JSON as well, but I haven't been able to crack how to re-encode the transit data properly so that it can be properly read by the custom decoder on your end.