Dropdown list not populating results in list box input

I'm stuck and can't figure out how to get a SQL Query from the Retool DB to display results in a listbox dropdown. At one point I had it displaying, but could not get it to pass the value into the current state.

I continually get an empty array error, so I've tried transforming the results, but the query stops returning any results.

Here is the query

    'cu' || id AS record_id, -- Prepends 'cu' to the credit union ID
    credit_union_name AS institution_name, 
    'Credit Union' AS institution_type
    credit_union_name LIKE '%' || {{IssuerSelect.value}} || '%'


    'bt' || id AS record_id, -- Prepends 'bt' to the banks-thrifts ID
    name AS institution_name, 
    'Bank/Thrift' AS institution_type
    name LIKE '%' || {{IssuerSelect.value}}|| '%';

Here is one of the transform results I've tried, which I get no error

tconst transformedResults = queryResults.map(result => {
    return {
        record_id: result.record_id, // Assuming `record_id` is already formatted as 'cuID' or 'btID'
        institution_name: result.institution_name, // Direct mapping
        institution_type: result.institution_type // Direct mapping

return transformedResults;

If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.
Thanks, Mike

It looks like you're using the component name instead of the query for the options list?

Thanks, I'm blind sometimes! :grinning:

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We've all been there at one point or another. :grin:

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