Dropbox refresh token and access

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to authenticate with Dropbox. I have managed to get a access token and am able to get creation of folders and files fine. The issue is after 14400 seconds (4 hours) it doesnt seem to refresh the access token leading to it saying expired access token. It needs to work on a public link so using a custom auth wont work. If anyone has experienced this and has and advice it will be appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

You can request offline access that will give your una refresh token

I am doing that but it does not seem to refresh still. I even went into postman got a access token and refresh token put it in there and sitll nothing.

2 solutions: you can create a rest resource which will handle the oAuth process and refresh or you can make your own custom api calls.
On my app with a custom system I check with an api call if the token is still valid, if not i run an api call that exchanges the refresh token for a new access token and saves it. I hope that helps

Is that through the custom auth cause this needs to work on a public link as well.

yes custom

Hmm that wont work with a public link. Its really weird since it sees it just doesn't refresh it.