Download pdf of components within a tabbed container

Currently want to download a the components as a pdf using the utils.downloadPage function but it is returning my tabbed container which i do not want.

utils.downloadPage('Dashboard', {selectorsToExclude:[], componentsToExclude:['text14', 'selectRegion', 'releaseDate', 'downloadButton',]})

I have tried this:
utils.downloadPage('Dashboard', {selectorsToExclude:[], componentsToExclude:['text14', 'selectRegion', 'releaseDate', 'downloadButton', 'tabbedContainerModeSelection']}) however it gives me a blank page. image

what i want to download:

Hey @Muin!

Hmmm, just to test, if you don't include either of these keys "selectorsToExclude" or "componentsToExclude" do these two charts get correctly added to the resulting PDF?

yep the charts get correctly added to the PDF, but it shows all the components in the page which I do not want

I see, I just wanted to be sure it was not an issue of this util completely not working. :thinking: Are you currently deployed on-premise or on our Cloud offering? If on cloud, would you mind writing in to our intercom chat (from the ? menu in the editor) so we can take a look from our end?

unfortunately we are deployed on-premise and I do not have the intercom chat option :pensive:

I see, no worries! What version of Retool are you currently running? The version info can be found by clicking on the chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. A menu should pop up which will show your Retool version number:

Also, would you feel comfortable sharing an export of your app and email it to me at\

Was looking in the wrong place :sweat_smile: Will send a chat over now using retool v2.80.12