Download option for the table should be hidden if there is no data and wanted to show hidden columns also in downloaded Excel also wanted to change the name of the excel

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I know by default table has got download option.. it is working fine.. but wanted to customize that like download option should be visible only when there is data in table and wanted to show all hidden columns in excel and wanted new name for the excel.

we r using 2.100.8 version of Retool.

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For the show hidden columns and new name of the file, most likely feature request for Retool team. As for hiding the download you can use JS condition to show/hide.


Since table can use two type of data format:

Array of objects

Object of Arrays

I don't know which format your tables have, below is just snippet of logic's covering both.

{{ (Array.isArray( && > 0) || (typeof === 'object' && (( ?? []).length ?? 0) > 0) }}

dynamic table download

Hope that helps with the dynamic download button.

Yes Thanq so much.. not sure from whom should i get confirmation about other two features.

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Hi Madhavi_G,

You can use the Feature Requests board to post the new feature requests. I'm not from Retool's team so I can't speak on the process.

  1. Thank you for yet another helpful answer :slight_smile: :raised_hands:
  2. @Madhavi_G posting in the feature request section mentioned would be perfect. Sharing as much context as you have would also help us properly communicate the ask to eng. Thank you for taking the time to improve our product!
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Thanq so much and @victoria .. posted in feature request section.

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