Customize filename for table component CSV exports

Right now downloading table data CSV results in files named as table-data-27.csv, table-data-28.csv, and so on. It would be useful if we were able to customize this with JS with something more descriptive.


Bumping this feature request. Is it possible to change?

Hi @axsuul and @joew!

There isn't currently a way to change the name when downloading the table data CSV directly from the table, but we do have a utils.downloadFile method (that you can run in a JS query) that allows you to specify the name, data source, and file type! Check it out here:

Hi, the link doesn't work for the specific issue

Why not? Why not just disable the download option directly on the table and use the suggestion in the link with a custom button, or even a custom action?

It would be much more helpful to everyone (those willing to assist and those who might have the same issue as you) if you could give a bit more rationale for why you think it doesn't work.

Or is it the link itself not working? Try utils methods | Retool Docs