Does New Table support multiple rows selection with server-side pagination?

I use New Table component with Pagination add-on with server-side limit-offset mode.
Enable multiple row selection with Persist row selection option.
Data source is default postgres onboarding_db, table users, primary key is ID.

When click on checkbox in the table head I expect all rows in the table to be selected.
But the table only selects rows from the currently displayed page.
In addition, for some reason, selects not 6 but 7.

Is it a bug or a feature?

Hi @dima96, thanks for your question!

When the table header checkbox is selected for multiselect, we select all of the rows in your data. Since for server-paginated tables, the table is only aware of the rows on that current page, it can only select the rows on the current page.

You're right that there seems to be an off by one in the row selection count though, I'll file that with the team as a bug!

@AnnaW thanks for your answer!