SelectRow (Multiple) with Pagination


I am currently trying to select rows of a table(New) that is using pagination.

I am running a JS Query which calls table.selectRow(). I have tried passing in a list of row indexes and am using {mode:'index', indexType:'data' }. When I input a list of indexes for the entire range of my data, I assumed that using indexType:'data' would select the row regardless of if it is being displayed or not.
When I run this code, it selects all the rows for the page i'm currently on but none of the other rows on any other pages are selected.

I was wondering if selectRow is supported with pagination or not?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @yubbygithubby I'm seeing the same issue! :disappointed: I'm sharing this feedback internally

Any chance you can use a scrollable table for your use case?

Yeah I can. There is however alot of data to display. Hopefully won't slow down the page too much ha.

True :crossed_fingers: I hope scrolling can work in the meantime. We did prioritize performance with the new table, so it should be able to scroll through quite a bit of data without performance issues

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