Does anybody know how to map an map to a keyValue component?

I try make a keyValue component from Transformer where I create map from data (var newMap = new Map();).

a: 2
b: 2
c: 6
d: 2
e: 2
f: 1

I have a js Map with key:String, value:Integer.

For example with the text component I can do like this

{{ transformer1.value.entries().next().value[1] }}

but in this way I get only value of one element. I can't found example where I can visualize map with text, list or keyValue components

Could you explain how to visualize js map with text, list of keyValue components?

Hello @Maksym, Typically, I see mapped values displayed as text by using JSON.stringify() function. Additionally, we provide JSON widgets to display mapped values which you can explore from our widgets page

Will that give you what you're looking for?\