Displaying a table using input from a REST api POST query

I am using a table and modifying the data parameter to be {{table_query.data.response.results}}. The table_query here is my rest api query which runs successfully by itself.

I am getting this error each time: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'table_query.data.response.results). I am not sure what is undefined here.


Try cutting down the variable definition:

For example:
Start with: {{table_query.data}} - what does that look like?
then try
{{table_query.data.response}} and so on... you might be defining it incorrectly.

^ exactly, thank you for stepping in here Scott! :)\

You can also check out your query in the left panel! And as a quick note, table components accept either arrays of objects or objects of arrays.

I actually had to add {{[]}} to make it into a list. The table accepts input as a list so that was all that was needed. But thanks for your help