How to use a Javascipt array as a table input

Hi, guys:
i have a javascript code that returns an 2 dimension array. I would like to use the output data and show it in a table. But when i try get the data from the resource it show a null value.
I also tried to transform the array into a json and then set it in the table but that didn't worked either. Can anybody help me, please?

I attach a picture with the javascript output.

Try {{formatDataAsArray(}} in the Data field for the table.


Based on the screenshot you posted I would think the table should populate correctly. @ScottR you point out a function that's really useful in these cases but it looks as though the data is already formatted as an array. The only thing I'm noticing as a possible issue is that the Table_parameters query hasn't been saved with the latest changes and run.

@AndrewG would you mind sharing some additional information? Maybe any messaging you see when you hover over the warning on the table or it's "Data" field?

Hi @Kabirdas. Look the message i get when i hover over the table. Also

Also look that in the tables attributes the query also is showing a null "Data". In the query i use a return clause to get thet result, is that the proper way to get the result?

Hi @ScottR i tried your solution, but is also returning a null array :frowning:

Hi @AndrewG

did you Saved and Run the query?
I get the same your issue if I modify the code and save it but don't run it.
Running it make it works properly.
I don't know if it's an expected behavior, though.

Hi @abusedmedia, you are right, running the query is what was missing. Thanks