Disabling sort in new table component

Tess, is there the option to define the initial sort order, or do we have to do that through the data provided to the table please?

Hi @mawdo81,

You can set the initial sort order under Interaction -> Advanced settings:

Columns created from dynamic column settings will not show up here


Thanks Tess, that's really helpful. A bit of constructive criticism though, when I started with ReTool I evangelised about its easy of use, low barrier to entry etc. However it seems to be becoming less discoverable as time goes on.

Do you have a UX designer looking at how these capabilities are realised in the UI, as sometimes they feel hidden away and/or tacked on as an after thought.

Thanks for the feedback! We've heard from customers that it can be hard to find some settings, so we may end up adding something like a toggle to show all settings.

I believe the original intent was to only show the most commonly used settings for a cleaner UI that is easy to quickly scroll through

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I love the intent, don't get me wrong... But discoverability (& re-discoverability) are important!