Disable users with "Use" permission from seeing all users in the organization

I am on a Business Plan.
I created a group ("use_only_group") with "Use" permission for two apps and invited one end-user to this group.

When my end user logs in to retool, he sees the app with the Retool logo in the right bottom corner. After clicking on Retool logo > Settings, the end user can see all members from my whole organization, including members who are not in the "use_only_group" group.

I would expect that the end user can see only users from the group to which this end-user belongs (in this case only himself as the only member of the group ), not all users from the whole organization.

Is there any option to limit an end-user from seeing members of other groups?

I believe you need to do that at the user level..... or the group level perhaps.... look at all of the menu options available and it is in there somewhere....many people have posted in this forum about your issue already

Hi @Veronicaaa, as @ScottR mentioned, we can update the settings of the "User Group" to limit what they can see on their settings page.
Go to Settings -> Permissions -> Your Group and check the "Additional" tab:

In addition, all users we invite are automatically part of the "All Users" group. Check the settings of that group as well.

Here is a helpful doc and one of my favorite topics to learn more about Account and User Management.

Let us know if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face: