Disable right click

Is there any way I can disable the user right-clicking and opening the context Menu while using an app?

Our "customer" is asking for this to prevent users from "downloading" data. I understand that this won't really make the app "secure", nonetheless we need to do this.

For what it's worth, I'm able to prevent right-click on a custom component like this:

document.addEventListener("contextmenu", (event) => {event.preventDefault() })

but this just works on the area covered by the custom component, not the whole app.

Hey @akshay - thanks for asking :slight_smile: My teammate was able to respond directly in another channel where you asked about this, but thought I'd also post here so others who would benefit from the answer can see it!

> This isn't a feature for this in Retool at the moment. I've went ahead and placed an internal request for this. I don't have a timeline for when this will be ready, but I can continue to keep you updated when it's available! Let me know if you're able to share more about the context of what kind of "data" you want to prevent users from downloading(table component? Graph component?) so I can forward it to the team and hopefully expedite the request.

> In the meantime, Embed would definitely be an option that way you'll have more control over which components in your parent-application your users can right-click.

This is logged as a feature request. We'll keep tracking interest here and will update the thread with any movement.