Disable buttons not working


I am trying to use the disabled button and its appearance is not great. This is a new project with two buttons. One is enabled and the other is not. I do not use a theme and there are no CSS styles in the app.


This is caused by the ButtonWidget2 on the second div having

Is there a way to override this using the local CSS?

I am on version 2.82.39

You can use a ternary operator for setting the color if you want but why not just hide the button based on the condition?

I am talking to support.
1/ I think there should be a reasonable default
2/ I do not understand how to select only when the button is disabled disabled AND remove the filter set as a child div of the button at the same time.
Hopefully they can help.

Hi @bibble235! The light gray button against a light gray background is definitely not great. We improved the contrast and it'll go live in the next stable release (soon) :blush: