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My old eyes would really like a dark mode. I have a 39" uItra-wide monitor and I am blasted with light. I found this post Dark Mode that recommends a browser extension but it darkens every tab and also darkens the app workspace so I can't tell what the app will actually look like for the end user.

I would like all of the panels to be dark as well as the app workspace background, but the app itself would follow the theme rules.


+1! I also work with a large screen, and when I'm editing my retool app it helps to use the full screen width together with the different retool editor panels. In low-light environments it feels like staring directly into the sun, with binoculars. Dark mode is a basic accessibility feature, not just design flair. This is the only developer tool I use out of maybe 10-15 that doesn't have a dark mode.



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Also a +1 here. I find the colour scheme of the editor page to be really hard to work in with my poor eyesight.

It's not so much the brightness as it is the lack of contrast between borders and backgrounds, and the light colour of the draggable seperators between the panels. Sometimes I can't even find the borders of things to dragg about.

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plus, let's face it, lots of work i bet is being done on the side, freelance style and often at night, at least, for me... alt tabbing from a dark sql editor back to the brightest white in the retool app has actually been the cause for my headaches lately. unfortunately, it's so bad i'm considering trying another competitor if this doesn't change soon.

Thanks all for this feedback! I am not sure yet where this falls on our roadmap, but I'll check internally & post here if I get any updates

Hi All,

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts here! It's something we're seeing more and more requests for, even outside of this post. I discussed this with our team internally. Currently, this is not something we've been able to fit into our roadmap for this quarter, but it's definitely on our radar. For reference, a lot of our resources for the next quarter will be dedicated to some larger planned projects (for example, revamping the table). Your collective feedback definitely helps us to better understand the use case & priority level though. I'll post back here with any further updates I get from our product team. Sorry I don't have a more exciting update quite yet, but hopefully more to come!

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Same here.