Detecting the selected row of a Dropdown inside a table cell

I've got a fairly straighforward table of attributes. Each attribute object has a name and a set of possible values. I would like to enable the user to select one of the possible values from the Dropdown (or Tags, I don't care which) component, and then save the state of all selected attribute values.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to determine which value in the array of attribute values has been selected. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious.

A snapshot of the table is below. The "attr_value" column definition is shown, although I know it's wrong, but using ['0'] is the only way I've found to show the dropdown correctly.

Thanks for any advice!


Hey there :wave: I am not sure if I am fully following, let me know if I am misunderstanding but self should access the cell data and you can use {{ currentRow }} to access the row data:

I would like each cell in this column to a) display a selected value, and when you click on the cell b) display a list of possible values in a Dropdown component that allows the user to select another value.

So the question is, what should my cell data look like to do that? This seems like a straightforward problem that I'm sure you've seen and solved before.

I understand what the self and currentRow variables do.


Ah got it, thanks for clarifying! Sorry for my confusion there :sweat_smile: This is expecting an array of values, here is a screenshot where I have the default set to the first value in the array. Users should be able to select any of the values and the default will change:

Thanks, @lauren.gus . I now cannot see a "Dropdown" component at all, and only can use a "Tags (Dropdown)" component, which has completely different parameters. How would this work for this component?

I want to present the user with a dropdown selection, then use the selected value. If the column is called 'attributeValues', the data source is an array, the dropdown works fine. But when I try to use the selected item from that column (in a query, say), there is no way I can see to tell which item in 'attributeValues' has been selected.

I've tried setting up a copy in local storage of all attributes, and when they hit 'Save', I use an event trigger to apply the 'recordUpdates' to my table copy. But then the display is reset, and the selection is no longer shown in the table itself. I need the users to be able to change their mind in their selection.

Here is what I have so far:


Hey there :wave: I made sure to share your feedback on this new column type with our App Building team, these pain points are helpful to hear :slightly_smiling_face: Currently, you should see these selected values in table.changeSet: