Delete the query in folder will delete all the queries in the same name folder

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Say we have a folder named"SellingOrderItem" which have a same named query "SellingOrderItem" in it.
If you do any operation in the query it will apply to the folder of same name either. eg: if you delete the query, the folder of same name will be deleted with the queries in it.

Hi @AnsonHwang

Thanks for reaching out! This is a bug that our team is working on fixing. I hope you were able to recover any lost queries if needed! We have a post about recovering work here

I'll post back here when we've shipped a fix for this bug. For the time being, I would recommend avoiding all duplicate naming between folders & queries

Hi there,

The bug where deleting a query with the same name as the folder deletes the content in the folder will be fixed in Wednesday's Cloud release :slightly_smiling_face: