Delete one file in FileDropzone

Hey guys!

I am using the FileDropzone component. When I am uploading files I have the alternativ to delete all files. Is there a way to delete for example one of the three files from the dropzone component? :slight_smile:

I don't think you can programmatically access the value for the fileDropzone or fileButton components -- however if you could then you could probably achieve this with a table display of the files with a row action to set the value of the dropzone to be everything except the row you clicked from (effectively a deletion).

Hey @Molly
What you can also do is when you upload the files, you can preview them, and use segmentedControl to display the files, and then from there you can use a button that will trigger the query which will update the record by filtering out the selected file.
Here is how that would look like.

Hope this helps.

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