Debug resource queries

For a resource query (e.g. making a DB query to snowflake or a REST api call), is it possible to see the actual generated query / api call that was made?

Hi @huang3r!

Snowflake queries should have a .query property that allows you to see the generated query:

Similarly, you can try checking the .metadata property on REST queries!

Do either of those work for you?

I'm not sure this is working as expected in the case where you have variables referenced in the query? Here's a screenshot where I'm using variables (which I believe are properly filled out in the invocation): Markup 2022-06-28 at 18.21.39.png - Droplr

(Variables are passed in via JS query invocation via additionalScope)

:thinking: will bring this up with the team to have a look at. In the meantime would you mind sharing more of your use case for other potential workarounds?