Date and Multiselect not populating form

I have 2 Date boxes (Year only) and a MultiSelect that updates the table correctly, but do not populate the form when I go back to that row in the table. I believe I have everything set properly, but it's just not working.
Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 11.34.09 AM

Are you trying to set the default value?

Scott... no, I'm trying to get the value from the underlying table to populate that field on the form.

OK then you can't set the default value to what you currently have you would have to set the default value to the selected row and column of the underlying table...

In the new table, this would be {{yourTable.selectedRow.theColumnContainingTheDate}}! Did that end up working for you @ADiecidue?

Thanks... for the year values I used this:

For the multiselect, I used this:
{{ table4.selectedRow.offices_held.trim().length > 0 ? JSON.parse(table4.selectedRow.offices_held.replace(/{/g, "[").replace(/}/g, "]")) : [] }}