Data is not getting refreshing while using Query JSON With SQL

Hi Team,

I have created one query and I have created one more query using Query JSON With SQL using my first query data.
Basically i have one create modal and search modal, when i create new record from create and search through search, it is showing data is not available, however when i refresh tool and search for it, it is working fine.
I believe i need to change some settings to work this, but not sure.
Can anyone please help me to solve this issue.


You most likely need to reload the data you are using the Query with JSON on after creating the new record, and THEN run your query JSON with SQL

Hi Scott,

As per my understanding, after refreshing tool only it will display, no other way - please confirm.


the query you run to populate the original data set should be run again after you create the record.

Yes, understood. Do i need to do any setting to run original query automatically as soon as insert record into Database.

after the insert, use an event handler (Success) to trigger the select query to refresh the data....

Thanks a lot Scott. It is working.
We can close this ticket.


This isn't a ticket.... :slight_smile: It's the community forum... I don't work at Retool.... :slight_smile:

Wow! that's great ... Thanks for your help.