Customizing json explorer

Is there a way to customize the JSON explorer component? I would like to change the look of it.



Yes, you can use custom css

Thank you. how do I get a list of CSS classes etc... that can be modified?

It's great to see the inventive solutions that members come up with using custom CSS, but it also suggests an area where Retool could further enhance the user experience.

Leveraging the efficiencies of platforms like Retool means minimizing the need for additional coding. Ideally, such styling requirements should be addressable within the tool's features and default settings themselves, allowing users to focus on building the tool rather than spending time on coding for stylization.

Thank you :wave:


Hi @OlivierF Unfortunately, we don't have a list :disappointed: You'll have to use the browser dev tools to locate the class names; this guide shows an example. Another note is that the classes can change unexpectedly, so it's something you'll have to keep an eye on.

We have a feature request that we're tracking to allow builders to add their own classes

I use This way I can "inspect" my retool page and discover the class names etc. Very handy tool!




Hey Patrick, thanks for sharing this resource! I hadn't heard of this before, but it sounds very helpful :sunglasses: