Customize Retool Built-In Login Page

  • Goal: I seek to customize the behavior, layout and appearance of the built – in retool login page

  • Steps: I have read the documentation regarding customized login processes using third-party services and also all of the posts in this forum that I could find regarding customized login.

  • Details: My use case simply is to present a login page that precisely fits the design that my company uses for its website. For example, we have customized the appearance and wording of the forgot password and remember me elements. We also display some most recent activity information to the left of the username and password boxes.

I have not found any documentation or foreign posts that explain how to present the Retool username and password input components within otherwise completely customize webpage.

Is my goal possible?

Hi @haj! It sounds like you're looking for something like our new beta feature mentioned here: Announcing: custom product pages!

Is your Retool instance on the Business plan? If so, you can join that feature's Private Beta to test it out and share feedback with our team as they perfect its functionality. To do so, reach out via either direct message here on the forum to @antonybello or or reach out in the custom-product-pages-beta channel in our Discord server. (If you aren't a member, join here)

More generally, there are branding options available on Business or Enterprise plans as well, but the new feature mentioned above is aimed at fully offering a custom-branded login page. We'd welcome your early feedback on this feature if you're open to joining the beta!