Custom auth modal not popping up

Dear Community,

I am currently trying to set up the custom auth, but i struggle to implement it in my application.
The auth itself is working (tested it via the "test auth button" in the resources section), but when i connect it with the "Auth Login" component (integrations section) it does not open the modal, instead it opens a new page for some kind of retool oauth (screenshot included). I guess i am either missing some setting or it is buggy? Any help is appreciated, if I can provide more information please dont hesitate to ask.


I am trying to achieve the solution described in this section:

Thank you in advance!

Same here, seems broken.
We've been using it for months, now we can't use any internal tooling that requires authentication.

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thank you for confirming that the problem isn't on our side! hopefully they will fix that soon, retool is unusable for us until they actually deploy a hotfix.

Hey everyone! Thank you for writing in here + glad it helped confirm it was a problem on Retool's side 😅 Looking into this now!

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We just pushed a fix for this! Could you all try refreshing to confirm that it works as expected again?

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