Current_user.groups in resource configurations

In a resource configuration, we want to pass in the user's groups as found in current_user.groups.

However, that isn't currently supported. Other current_user attributes are supported, such as email, id and sid. See screenshot.

If it was supported, we would use it to control which groups have read and write access to the resource.

Hi @Chris_McGrath, I initially thought this was related to the fact that the value of {{current_user.groups}} is an array, not a string. But I tried {{JSON.stringify(current_user.groups)}} and although I ran into the same issue within the Resource configuration, I was able to add it as a header to query that we would actually run:

Yes. My feature request is to add this to resource configurations.

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Done! we created the FR and we'll update you here with any updates on it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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