Credentials of Internal Database?

I just want to use the internal Database with a database tool like DataGrip to manage my database. Where can I find the credentials and host for the internal database?

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To find the credentials and host for the internal Retool database, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Resources tab in Retool.
  2. Click the Retool Database resource.
  3. Under the Connection Details section, you will see the following information:

You can copy and paste this information into DataGrip to connect to the database.

Note that if you are using a self-hosted Retool deployment, you will need to configure the Retool database connection yourself. You can find instructions on how to do this in the Retool documentation.

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Wohooo thank you! Perfect...


But there is no port there... it works wihtout putting a port in datagrip but is crazy slow... any idea?
Changing just one table takes about 20sec compares to 1sec on a service like elephantsql

Thanks @PatrickMast !

Try using Port 5432

Worked for me

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Just to make this a little easier for folks using DataGrip.

If this is the skeleton of your URL:

From the above:

username is likely retool and should go in User field in the DataGrip properties.

password is some gibberish and should go in Password field in the DataGrip properties. should go in Host field in the DataGrip properties.

retool should go in Database field in the DataGrip properties.

Assign 5432 to Port in the DataGrip properties.

Click SSH/SSL tab on DataGrip properties and make sure Mode dropdown has Require selected.