Creating forms from TypeScript type definitions (AI?)

We recently created a Retool app that ties into a TypeScript app. Data integrity issues have been the main points of failure so far. ie, a Retool user entering something the TypeScript app cannot handle.

These data constraints are mainly described in TypeScript definition files (and some validation logic), but this, of course, is a moving target as the system evolves.

As the Retool team continues to explore AI/LLM touch points, I wanted to throw out an idea of the retool AI accepting a TypeScript definition (or even a block of TS code) which generates or re-generate a Retool form that honors the constraints.

If there were some way to wave the AI magic wand over the problem of translating some of our application logic into internal Retool logic, it could be pretty cool.

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Hi @reillysweetland Thanks so much for this feedback! It would be awesome to see this implemented!

As far as I know, it's not on the roadmap yet, but I've surfaced your feedback internally & I'll post back here if I see that we're able to ship a solution