Create or replace existing table with array of records


I have an array of records from the Google Sheets. I want this array of records to be inserted into a BigQuery table. But when I'm running bulk insert query. it shows this issue.

[{"uuid":"c01d04c0-8d87-4244-8228-ca08268cd958","country_name_variation":"السودان ‎al sudan","country_name_variation_underscored":"sudan","country_code":"sd","variation_sub_type":"country_name","variation_type":"country","state_name_underscored":"","regex_string":"(?:^|[,]{search_value})","notes":"","is_active":true,"update_dates":"11/1/2022 0:00:00","updated_by":"Patrick Linnane","future1":"","future2":"","future3":"","version_num":"1.0.1"}]

Above is the array of records

Can I know what's the problem?

Hey @flintrider! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your updated query? And just to confirm, are you passing in >10,000 records at once?


I’m passing in an array of 1202 elements only.

Got it, thank you for confirming. Out of curiosity, if you pass in 1 or 2 elements, do you see the same error?


Here is the array, that I used. It has 992 elements because we are working on data and now it's changed a bit.

with one or two elements it works.


If you want to try that out. I can send you the JSON file filled with dummy data. does that work for you?

That would be super helpful if you don't mind!


Sorry for the delay. Here is the dummy data whose pattern is same as ours.

retool_dummy_data.json (662.7 KB)

Thank you for sending that over! With some basic testing (haven't created your same columns in my big query resource, just wanted to check out the error message), it seems like the too many parameters error gets remediated by using a smaller array (e.g. array.slice(3))

Too many parameters:

Different, more relevant error:

If you try {{}} as a simple example, does it throw a different error message?