Create JSON Mapping with Transformers

If I have a data source RestAPI that returns JSON data, how can I map specific key value set so that each set is a row in a table with the keys as column headers?

For example, the data source RestAPI returns the following JSON:
And this data is a JSON data:

"isDelayed": true,
"isIndex": false,
"putExpDateMap": {
"2022-04-14:1": {
"50.0": [
"putCall": "PUT",
"symbol": "AAPL_041422P50",
"description": "AAPL Apr 14 2022 50 Put",

Then from this JSON I want it to transform into using this data for a column in a table shown in retool app:
"putCall": "PUT",
"symbol": "AAPL_041422P50",
"description": "AAPL Apr 14 2022 50 Put",

Without a mapping (transformer), the table will not display this data correctly because of the format of the JSON.


Hey there :wave: Are you just looking to grab that last object and have it populate like so?